MARCO BONELLI is a brand designed to satisfy the category of men in search of design and comfort in their shoes. The leather and the materials used in their manufacture are of high quality. They are craftsmen with more than 30 years of experience who are in control of this unique know-how combining craft knowledge and advanced technology.



Leathers from all parts of the world are selected and suitably tanned with skills acquired over the period of 3 decades to the desired requirement blending natural and ecofriendly, vegetable and other tanning agents, meeting current requirements of European environmental standards


Shoes are specially designed by craftsman with years of experience keeping in mind European requirement, for comfortable and sleek shoes that are not heavy, giving a very wide choices & size ranges


Different components of a shoe are cut from particularly suitable area of the skin which is based on experience over a period of several years. The assembling in stitching and hand work is done in many groups and careful supervision. The shoes are lasted the combination of hand skills and modern tools and equipment besides each shoe is skillfully hand finished.